We have been working with Karen Ensley , esq for 4+ years. She is wonderful. A true partner to our business. She has served us in the General Counsel role, special counsel role and for advisory and legal referral. Also, we utilize Karen and Ensley Benitez Law, PC for contract and document law in that state of TX and other states where applicable. The firm and Karen are great. She has been a true partner in helping us build our businesses. The firms and Karen’s expertise in the area of insurance and construction & contracting legal areas is unmatched in our industry. Karen takes the time to get to know your business and is an honest advisor. She is a board advisor at the American Policy Holders Association which is incredibly important to our businesses. We are proud to work with Ensley Benitez Law and Karen Ensley. We recommend them to our Contractor Clientele and to other service vendors in our space. Compliance is important and the team at Ensley Benitez Law, PC have you covered with years of professional expertise!