Texas Creates a Strike Force To Start Planning for a Lessening of Restrictions

Following on the heels of President Trump issuing guidelines on “Opening Up America Again”, Governor Abbott just issued Executive Order GA-17. Executive Order GA-17 establishes a Governor’s Strike Force to Open Texas to evaluate when and how to start removing the Covid-19 restrictions placed on the state. The Governor’s Strike Force to Open Texas also evaluates how to address the financial impact the Covid-19 restrictions have had on Texas citizens and their businesses.

Governor's Strike Force to Open Texas

Interestingly, this latest order notes that Executive Order GA-16 is not expected to be extended in its current form. Hopefully that means a lessening of the restrictions now in place, and a reopening of at least some businesses which are currently closed.

We are guardedly optimistic that the end of this challenging chapter in our lives may be lessening, if not slowly drawing to an end.

The full text of the order can be found here:


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